Scroll Saw Art

Fishing Lures

Paracord Items

Lucky Lure Products

All of my scroll saw item are hand made on a scroll saw without lasers or computers.  I use high quality MDF wood for the design and Baltic Birch for the backer boards.


Welcome to my art and crafts.  With my love for the outdoors shining through every creation I make, I take great pride in my items.  All of my items are very unique and different from other artisans.  I spend hours every day working hard to make every piece beautiful just for you!

All lures are hand tied.  I use Fire Wire with a #3 size hook.  These lures are very strong and durable.

All paracord items are made using 550 paracord.  Highly fashionable and also come in handy in for survival instances.

All of my lucky lure products are made with real fishing parts.  They are highly fashionable and will bring you good luck while on the water.

Knit Items

All knit items are hand made to the finest quality using the best quality materials and are inspected to ensure top quality.

Beaded Items


Every item is hand beaded using the Cheyenne Stitch.  I use Nymo thread and only delica beads.  I use fishhook earwire with a 3 MM ball and 4MM coil with a loop made from 22 gage stainless steel.